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A Working Mom’s Journey From Selling Her Time To Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur, With Geographical Freedom, And More Time For The People & Things That She Loves

If you are here because you are frustrated and fed up with your unbalanced lifestyle. You realise that something needs to change to free up more time for the people and things that you love, then this may be just the thing for you.

As parents, we need to be able to provide for and nurture our families on both the physical and emotional levels. We work ourselves to the bone in unrewarding careers where we spend most of our time away from our loved ones... our people! We can’t be quality parents if we are tired, stressed, and frustrated all of the time.

After a long day at work and commuting back and forth, we hardly find time to look after our own needs so we have very little energy left for our people. This road leads to a dead-end and something has to change.

I used to work 50 hour weeks and had only about 2 hours each day to spend with my 3-year-old son, Elih. Life was short and fleeting and I was missing out on it, spending my time doing something that I had no interest in or passion for.

I was fed up with the slow rate of progression in my job and yearned for the freedom to control my own work schedule and income-earning abilities.

I started searching the internet for realistic remote business ideas to start around my current job and family commitments. Something that I could do at home, that I would love, be passionate about and that would create some form of passive income.

There is so much noise out there, and so many uncertainties, I was skeptical of everything, and I still am. Rightly so - not everything is legit...

At some stage, I came across a post about learning the ins and outs of doing business online. Wow! That sounded great, but I was doubtful since I knew absolutely NOTHING about any of it... Would I be able to do it?

I never found a truly fulfilling career path in my life - something that I was passionate about, proud of, and wanted to give my all for or study years for. I never had that “AH HA! This is it!” moment... So I just hopped from job to job, through different industries to see if anything resonated with me. Neh!

My fears and insecurities shouted loudly at me because I know nothing about online business, but I do enjoy learning new skills and have never been one to shy away from a personal development challenge.

In that life-changing post, there was an option to sign up for some free training with no costs or commitment. Of course, I signed up! Why the heck not? I had nothing to lose and I was desperately seeking a solution.

I started receiving emails full of interesting and inspiring information about the world of online and digital business. What business options there are out there… and how to get educated about marketing to the world using the power of the internet & IA to create passive income.

I had recently lost my job and was trying to find a new one, while busy being a mom to a 3-year-old. Life took over and I soon forgot about the excitement that I felt when I found this whole new world of possibility. The emails kept coming and I just ignored them.

When my second son was born, I was reminded of how short life is and how fast my babies are growing. I dreaded the idea of working full-time again - selling my time for money, being away from those that I love and need to care for.

By now we were expats living in a different country, and I simply had to find another way to make some sort of passive income to free up more time to spend with my family.

Once again I was re-evaluating my life's priorities. My parents were aging and living in a different country. My young boys were growing up fast, and they needed us to be good role models for them. 

I immediately remembered the thrill of opening those first few emails over a year ago. Thank goodness I kept them because I knew that there was real value there, and at some stage, I wanted to explore further.

They were still sitting in my inbox, like a forgotten gift waiting to be unwrapped💗!

I was hooked, inspired, hopeful, and amped to do this thing. The possibilities came flooding to my mind. What an incredibly exciting new world of opportunity that I had known very little about.

"Ah ha! This is it!" I had finally found a realistic model for an online business that I can run around my day job or family commitments. I don’t have to cold call, grow a team, sell to family or set up market stalls. It is fun, creative, and rewarding! I can work from anywhere in the world, which means that I can visit my parents more often than once a year, and I even learned how to build my own website... with my very limited tech skills.

"Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion." - Tony Hsieh

But is it truly realistic?

After doing the hard yards - learning, growing, trying, and testing, following, asking, and understanding - I can say YES, it is absolutely realistic!

It is more realistic now than ever before. In today’s digital world technology and AI have advanced so much that almost anything can be automated, freeing up your time to allow you to do the things that you love.  This is passive income! With the internet, businesses can be run from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and internet access. Many, many people are already doing just this. The social media platforms are full of digital nomads living their best life. Why can’t we do it too?

"Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning." - Robert Kiyosaki

This is the key to understanding how you can make more time for the things that you love. Create more freedom. This is also why this model works so well when you are still trying to work a full-time job.  A digital business continues to run 24/7, 365 - whether you are at your day job, working on your business, spending time with your family, or travelling the world… even when you are asleep, or on vacation, your business continues to grow. There is no brick and mortar shop to open, close, staff, rent… AND the days of “No Work No Pay” are really and truly a thing of the past.


What type of business can be run part-time and completely online?

There are a variety of online businesses that you can start, and it really depends on who you are and which business model resonates with you. You want to start by marketing and selling a product that you believe in, have used yourself with positive results, and are confident in selling to others. Something that is super easy to fulfill and that you can sell many times over. Possibly every week, without spending too much of your own time on customer service, support, or transactions. The last thing you want is to deliver products after you get home from a long day at work.


Look at Affiliate Marketing

So now you’re thinking - “ok, but what kind of business can run around my day job?” Affiliate marketing is a great start. Especially if you are only starting your journey into understanding how online business and digital marketing work.

This is when you sell other businesses’ products and get a commission. You do not need capital to buy products, and there are no fulfilment or delivery commitments. You are only marketing the product to the internet, and earn commission from each sale. You are essentially creating the link between the product and the buyer.

As an affiliate, you have an unlimited amount and variety of products to sell. You are not tied exclusively to any company, brand, or product. You are also free to choose which niche, market, or industry you wish to work in. Hence the opportunity to go with your “passion”... Think photographer selling awesome gear, or an cyclist or mountain biker selling kick-ass kit.

The beauty here is that you can sell these products over and over, 24/7, 365. Remember when I told you that you can even sell while on vacation (aka passive income)


What about E-Commerce?

This is when you source and sell physical products online with an already established E-commerce business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can order existing products in bulk at wholesale prices and sell them through online E-commerce marketplace sites such as Amazon FBA, eBay, or Asos (amongst others) where these sites do all the work for you. You can even go as far as developing your own brand and packaging for products - but it is always best to start small and simple.

They will process all customer payments, manage storage, packaging, distribution, and after-sales customer service.  You don't even have to touch the product.  All of this means that you can focus on setting up your marketing and ad campaigns to connect your products to the buyers. This can happen in 1 or 2 hours a day... around your day job and family commitments! What's important here is that you learn how to do digital marketing.


Are there other digital or remote opportunities? Of course yes! but...

You can always sign up to sites like Upwork to other remote jobs like copywriting, project management, translation services, scribing, data capture,  etc. However, you are always selling your time for money. 

Something to consider

No matter the product, the first 10 sales will always be the hardest. But once you've reached the double-figure sales goal you'll gain the experience and confidence that you need to “rinse and repeat – and grow”. You'll learn exactly how many sales you need to be making each week and each month to have a steady business that's going to eventually replace your income. 

How long will it take? Well, that depends entirely on how quickly you start learning and taking the steps to build your business foundations and set up your business. It also depends on whether you choose the right product for the market at the right time - and your commitment to learning the digital skills that you need to succeed. Some people steamroll ahead and start seeing results in 2 days, or 3 months. Others take 12 months. It is entirely up to you, and that is the greatest feeling.


Where to from here?

If you are looking at ways to start a business around your day job that will allow you more time to do the things that you love… more time to spend with the people that you love… then you should seriously consider a business that can harness the power of technology to automate large portions of the work for you. This is possible without breaking the bank and at the same time not limiting your income potential.

Don’t get me wrong… like with any business, the setup takes time and money. at least you get to choose how much time you spend, and when you spend that time. But the eventuality is freedom, controlled income streams outside of your day job, and a generally happier lifestyle. 

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. People have lost their jobs, incomes, and businesses. There could not be a better time to start a side hustle that can eventually allow you to break free from the bonds of 9 to 5 employment and the financial and geographical restrictions that come with it.

Personally, I could not have chosen a better time to start this journey of self-discovery and personal skills development. We were able to move our family back home to South Africa where I continue to run and grow my business. The best part is that with this business model I have been able to take my business with me. I haven’t lost clients. I haven’t lost money from rental deposits, or hefty staff retrenchment payouts, and I continue to earn a foreign income. All the time and effort put into establishing my business has not gone to waste. I now continue to develop my business and grow my worldwide audience from anywhere that we decide to live. Now and in the future.

If you feel that you need to stop selling your time for money, and this is something that will work for you, allow me to share with you the same information that helped me understand the immense value that this business model could bring to MY life. Click on the link below and I will send you the email series with all the videos and introductory information you need to start understanding the world of online business. Believe me - you will not regret it.

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin

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