We strive to show you that there is a different way to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. We want to show you that freedom is a choice, not a dream. Our mission is to empower you to become the best version of YOU. With the right support & the right tools, you can be whatever you want to be. To drive yourself towards achieving your goals. Believing that there is no limit to what you can do if you put your mind to it & conquer your fears.

Core Values

  • LOVE... for self, others, life;
  • JOY... in family, friendships;
  • PEACE... at home, work, in relationships;
  • FREEDOM... in lifestyle, choice, finance, movement, travel;
  • HAPPINESS in sharing, caring, educating;
  • LAUGHTER in everyday tasks;
  • GRATITUDE daily for all things big & small; and
  • INTEGRITY in work and play.

Who am I?

You are not here to read an essay on my life story, so I will try to keep it short. You are more than likely here to find out how I found my “freedom”. Hopefully, my story will inspire you to see the world of possibilities that lie beyond your fears and challenges.

I am a South African, raised on a farm in a small rural Karoo town. Naturally, I love the outdoors, animals, nature & the freedom that comes along with these spaces. My dad was a great farmer, but a terrible businessman, so we were never a wealthy family. But our home was filled with love & we had all that we needed. Dad was always really busy, so we never had much time for family holidays. I can remember 3 times that we managed to get away as a family, and this was all before I turned 10. I always yearned for lovely family beach holidays with the cousins. But it never happened.

When I was young I opted to go to boarding school for my high school years. I enjoyed my freedom after boarding school so much that I never took college seriously. Instead, I started working in banking at the tender age of 20. I quickly realised that I didn't want to be tied into a corporate job for the rest of my life. I was watching colleagues work the same job every day for the past 20 years. It made me want to vomit.... so for the next few years I moved through various jobs & industries that interested me to try my hand & gather as much knowledge & skills as possible. 

Fed up with the responsibilities of adulthood, at 24 I went abroad to travel through the UK with a good friend in a 20-year old VW campervan. This was a time of exploring both the country & ourselves… who we were as individuals. We found an invigorating sense of freedom that we had never experienced before, & we loved it! We could go anywhere we wanted, when we wanted, with whom we wanted, and all we needed to do was tie our bikes to the bike rack, and off we went. It was bliss! But, the idea of facing our second winter in the northern hemisphere sent us scrambling onto the next flight out to the sunny shores of home.

Years later, when my husband & I were newly dating, we worked independently for a couple of small businesses doing various things - bookkeeping, mosaic, beadwork, running a Shwarma shop - whatever brought in some cash. We were living on a shoe-strinig budget in a commune in Cape Town with some crazy cats. When we reflect back on that time in our lives when we had no fancy corporate jobs, big houses, smart cars - only enough to get by... it was undoubtedly the happiest that we have ever been. “Why was this?” It was  because we were free! No ties, strings or baggage. No bosses :)! 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, & always looked for a side hustle to bring in extra cash with the hopes of scaling to something bigger, with more freedom. I even tried MLM, but it was not a good match for me. I created beaded jewellery & sold it at a street stall. I loved the creativity of this work, but in the end, with everything that I was doing, I was always selling my time for money, & I just never had that “Ah ha, this is it!” moment…

Jump forward a decade or so to 2018 → now married with 1 young child & living in Dubai. Both hubby & I were working in highly stressful jobs with long, late hours & a really bad unbalanced lifestyle. I lost this job after I had, once again, sacrificed my heart & soul for a paycheck & had zero to show for it. I was broken, exhausted, worn out… It took 6 weeks with my family back in SA to heal my heart & ego; to feel strong & confident enough to face another job search, interview...boss. Ugh!

While job hunting online an advert caught my eye. To this day I don’t know what it said, but something was different. It was fresh & new… I was fascinated, so I signed up for more info. Why the heck not? I have nothing to lose.

At first I was skeptical - who wouldn’t be. But I was also not in the right headspace to understand & properly absorb the possibilities because I was more focused on finding my next “grind”. I never took any action and life went on. I started my new job and forgot all about the excitement that I felt in that moment. Everything stayed the same... another job, selling my time for money. Wasting time sitting in traffic, being away from those that I love and that I live for.

When my youngest was born, I realised that I really did not want to return to a full-time job again. My babies are only young & sweet for such a short time, & work takes me away from them. I needed to be there, to nurture & care for them in their early years. Be a good mother & role model.

So… during maternity leave I started scouring the web for opportunities to hustle again. Then it dawned on me that I had possibly already found it, & I trawled through my emails to find that information that I had pushed aside almost 2 years ago now! Yes - I waited a whole 2 YEARS!! 

I was blown away by the information at my fingertips. “Why did I waste so much time?” I thought! I could have kicked myself, but I was not ready then. Now, I was ready to move forward with my life! To create something that is mine… that I can control… that I can put my heart & soul into knowing that I will reap the rewards for my own hard work. I won’t be retrenched, fired, let go, not paid, my leave requests declined… I won’t need to explain to another boss that my child is ill & I need to take a day. This is such an incredibly liberating feeling!!

I joined a program to learn digital and online business skills. I cannot begin to explain what an incredible journey I have been on while learning how to become an Affiliate Marketer. I have learned so much about myself, who I am, what I want out of life. I have learned what FREEDOM means to me. I now know what immense power the internet has to make our future so vastly different for my family, you, your family, them, their families, US! A future where you are in control of your time, income, who you work with, what you work with... it sounds unreal, but it is SO REAL❤️!  

Fast forward to today… and we are happily relocated back to South Africa with my biz intact, & my family where they should be… home with our loved ones❤️! I am able to schedule my work time around my family, which means I am there for them when it matters. My boys will learn that there is another way to live their lives, on their own terms. Not by what the traditional ways of living expect. We are carving our futures with our own hands, doing what feels right, what we are passionate about, and at the same time helping others to understand that there is another way.

The beautiful thing is that throughout the whole relocation & settling process, my business has continued to operate & I have continued to grow alongside it. The personal introspection & growth that comes from such a process cannot be likened to anything. Not everyone will have such an opportunity, as hard as it has been.

So, this is how I come to be here. The story of me stumbling upon “something special” one random day when I wasn’t looking for it. Something so profound & enlightening that it has altered the trajectory of our lives forever. 

Behind the Scenes

We are The Mays! A bunch of crazy South Africans on a mission to save ourselves (and YOU) from the world as we know it, surround it with love & make it a better place.

We strive to help others see that they don't have to be slaves to the system. That there is another way... a different way of living and being free.

At the same time, we are teaching our boys that they are free to be their own authentic, beautiful, imperfect selves. Showing them that they do not need to chase the idea that others may have of who they should be or what they should become.  

Together we love exploring new places, tastes, and experiences. We are always up for another adventure.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Bob Marley

About - Behind the scenes